rn Silfverberg

Online portfolio

14 June 2013

Added two color speedpaints and six smaller black and white speeds. 8 hours of work all together.

24 May 2013

Update with two concept speedpaints. Enjoy.

25 Februari 2013

Just finished a childrens book. I'm hoping that I can post some content here. This update brings back the Storyboards section. Yay!

18 September 2012

I played around with the look of my site and had some fun with the code. Sadly, thats the only update. Now I need to add more paintings and other more "up-to-date-stuff".

30 juni 2012

Summer this year is cold and it rains alot. I'm trying to get better with oils. It has resulted in me not rendering my digital paintings in as much detail. My new mantra is less is more. Small update and not much to show but still something.

4 Maj 2012

Today I had a bit of fun with my wacom. Sketching away like a madman. I posted 2 of my sketches in the Illustrations tab. Enjoy!. I hope to be updating more frequently. I know I always say that and end up with lots of downtime. :S

5 March 2012

Been a while since last update. I'm working on pixel animation and other graphics for the game that me and my brother are working on. I also want to update the site with some more fresh content.

16 November 2011

I hope to get a tab with sketches up soon. Been gathering sketches from the last couple of years. Requests for new video is welcome or if you just want to chat, send me an email.

23 October 2011

Here we go! Pixel update. I added a tab with sprite animation and tile-sets. Hope there will be a game's tab in the future as well. ^^

19 October 2011

Started painting more Enviroment paintings and animating some pixels today. Time for some fan-art then bedtime.

10 October 2011

I'm working on pixel animation and spritesheets for a personal game project which me and my brother are working on. So look forward to a tab with loads of animated pixel-art.

5 October 2011

Welcome to my new and slightly improved website. I'm stepping off the blog train. Its just boring to look at and there is no good way to view images. So now I’ve taken the time to learn how to make my own website. So if it freaks out in your browser, you now know why.

I hope to be updating more frequently now that I’m more satisfied with the way I show my work. It's important to me that it is user friendly and good looking. Now that I’m learning CSS and HTML5 I’m going to play a lot with the style of this website and improve it with time. So this is no final design or anything, just a lame attempt at an improvement.